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Throughout numerous years, my journey in photography has been enriched by the privilege of working with Canon Canada for a remarkable 14-year tenure. This opportunity enabled me to connect and collaborate with a myriad of talented photographers. Their diverse narratives and wealth of experiences have profoundly influenced my perspective, shaping the way I perceive the world through the lens.

Inspired by these encounters, I am now committed to imparting my knowledge and insights, aspiring to assist fellow photographers in cultivating a robust foundation for crafting unforgettable imagery. I've had the pleasure of sharing my expertise in person at various photography conferences, camera clubs, and workshops spanning across Canada.

My contributions to Visual Wilderness, Luminous Landscape, Canadian Photo News, and Graphic Arts Magazine have allowed me to share insights and knowledge through numerous articles. These endeavors have not only showcased my passion for photography but have also garnered recognition for excellence in the field.

I am proud to serve as an ambassador for Canon's capture-to-print technologies and Hahnemühle fine art media. This role allows me to champion the latest advancements in imaging solutions and premium printing materials, empowering photographers to achieve their creative visions with excellence.

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I am based in Toronto, Canada and offer Photography workshops for all skill levels ... Basic or Advanced DSLR.

Our private photo adventures tour specializes in customizing privately guided photo and non-photo adventures. We can personalize to meet your individual needs, schedule, budget or interests. 


"Your amazing images and enlightening commentary beautifully captured - Thank you for a very engaging and enjoyable presentation!" - Henney

“Fav. Your photography is always so stunning. This is a wonderful work of art.” - Dione G.

“It is the sort of landscape that leaves one feeling hopelessly in awe!” - William W.

“There are not enough adjectives to describe this surreal and spectacular photo. Fav" - Jenfurj 

Your artfulness never ceases to delight me" - William W. 365