I reside in Toronto, Canada and consider myself a passionate landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast specializing in landscapes and travel photography.

Having had the privilege of working with Canon Canada for 14 years, I’ve had a chance to meet & work with some incredible photographers and their stories and experiences have changed the way I look at things. 

My love of travel &  photography has allowed me to travel the world and meet some of the most interesting people. My goal is to share this passion of picture taking through my photographs.

It's too easy to miss the small wonders of life in this hectic world that we live in, and so it is my hope to inspire others to appreciate God's creation through the eye of a lens." - Peter M Dulis



I am open for any adventure that needs an image or two. (or maybe 20 :)

Photo Services Available: I am a licensed drone photographer

Fine Art Prints: are available for any of the photos within this site.

Photo Licensing: all images are available for licensing

Workshops & Tours Available

Call me: (905) 820-9541

Email me at [email protected]